Is it legal for facilities to increase their rates without notice and while a contract is in place?


- My parents have been living in an assisted living facility for about a year. When they first moved in, the administrator gave us a price of $1200 per month - with the assumption that they would eventually gain access to a govt program that would pay the full amount. I was more than willing to pay this amount until the program kicked in. However - a few months later, the same administrator called me, informed me that we were approved and I was not responsible for anymore payments.Great huh? - not so fast. 8 months later, they called back and said we were actually not approved, and they had no idea why we were told that. The NEW administor told me I would need to go back to paying 1200 per month until we actually were approved. So, I agreed and off we went. Ok, so today I get a letter that states, I now need to pay the full amount 4000 per month, or they have 30 days to move? Now, i'm not a pro in this area, i'm just trying to care for my ageing family - but does this seem right? fair? legal?? Any help would be great! Oh, and if it matters - this facility is in Texas.

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We met with them yesterday and they took all the increases off the bill.
They had a Director of Nursing who is no longer there and apparently that person should have set up a meeting with us to review additional personal care needs/ assessment and sign the new Care Plan. They have set up a meeting for us next week with the current Director of Nursing and we will have the opportunity to review the assessment and associated charges. With our approval, the new charges will go into effect in May. They were apologetic and pleasant!
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Ralda, you'll need to thoroughly read all the admission papers and documents that were signed to determine if the AL facility provided for the right of retroactive increases.

You might also try to locate an AL ombudsperson, if some exist, in your area, but read the documentation first. I'm guessing there's probably a clause hidden somewhere in small font so it's barely noticeable.
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My mother is in Assisted Living/Memory Care. We have a Personal Care Contract for $1142 per month. I just got a bill with back dated - January, Feb, March, April increases in Personal Care charges (average increase of $500/month)
Question: Can a facility back date charges without first notifying or meeting with the family/bill payer? Does there need to be a new Care Agreement in place before increasing the price for Care Needs?
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It is not possible to answer your question without seeing the agreements that were signed by you and the N/H. Apparently your contract whether oral or written had you paying $1200 a month with the government paying the rest. You also need to find out why, if ever, your parents were denied assistance. I would start with the N/H and move on to the federal offices. Let me know how you are doing as time goes by. Reading between the lines I assume that your folks do not have $4,000 a month. Few of us do.
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