Recent readout for several months indicated CPAP is only in place briefly at bedtime. Agree ALF agrees in principal to their responsibility in maintaining the device every two hours. Despite repeated requests, they aren't actually helping with the device during the night.
CPAP is critical to Dad's health.

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If the AL agrees that they will check every two hours, they should, however, I'd say that's an unusual for an ALF unless you are paying more for that service. Still, if they agree and aren't following through, you could try the ombudsman. This person is there for ltc disagreements. Go to and type in the Zip code of the home. If this doesn't get you a contact, you can try your state website. I'd only do this if you've tried all other more direct routes such as talking with the administrator.
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Maybe it's only in place briefly because your dad is removing it? What can you do about that? I'd say nothing.

Seriously, it's unrealistic to think that an ALF is going to come in every twenty minutes to see if your dad's removed his CPAP. Nursing homes/ALFs can't restrain patients. I suppose you could ask the house doc to sedate him into oblivion every night so he wouldn't remove it, but is that what you'd really want?

If this has been going on for several months, just how critical is the CPAP machine to his health?

I suppose you could insist that they replace the CPAP once (so put it on twice every night), but beyond that, unless you're willing to be there to do it constantly? If he removes it? What can you do?
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