My Mom is 95 and has been at her ALF for 3 years she has CHF but is fairly stable does her own bathing, makes her bed uses her rollator also had new valve replacement a year ago she has been on the lowest care level. In December she was hospitalized with Bronchitis and fluid overload she bounced back and really all they do for her is vitals everyday, put on and take off her compression stockings, and give her meds to take. Recently the ALF partnered with a Palliative/Hospice company and told me that including them in her care would cut down on hospitalizations and she could still see all her Doctors not theirs I took her to her Cardiologist yesterday she walks the whole way he thought she was doing really good and doesn't want to see her for 3 months. When I was looking at her Medicare statement they are rejecting all her Doctors bills even her eye doctor. In addition the ALF wanted to move her to level 2 since she's on Hospice. I told them to take her off and I am not paying these bills. We pay half her care which is not easy on us as it is. I don't know why they are so adamant to keep her on it I have that choice as her POA I would like to ideally either have a visiting Doctor or NP come in if I suspect something is amiss and Medicare will pay for that. I sent the Director of Nursing all her doctors appointments for this month and told her to take her off one of them is for an Echo she is not responding I am so stressed out

Thank you Mom has a plan F no co pays Hospice was forced on me because CHF is a qualifying condition yesterday I contacted them and took her off and if and when I would need to bring hospice in I will not use this provider.
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I have no idea why they recommended Hospice and why Hospice excepted her. Call Medicare and ask why they are turning down payment. It could be deductables, its thst time of year. If its because of Hospice explain what you were told. You can call the Hospice directly and tell them how their service was represented. That you no longer need their service.
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