I will NOT DO THIS ANYMORE! MY ANXIETY LEVELS ARE HIGH. MOM MAKES ME FEEL SO NOTHING! I AM NOTHING! WHEN I'M THE ONE HERE 24/7 DOING IT ALL! SHE DOESN'T care about my own kids medical serious issues, she doesn't Care about my husband's heart problems nor does she care about my medical issues. I SIMPLY NEED A BREAK! Or I will have to completely just place her in an assisted situation. My kids are my priority! I LOVE my mom but my kids will not be second because I'M busy with mom. They all need me! & I know it's time to get help! For my Kids and myself! My FAMILY does nothing but judge me! They are worthless! Mom cries for them too! I can not continue this. My dad was in a nursing hm & I HATED IT, OH & GUESS WHO DID NOT VISIT HIM EITHER BEFORE HE PASSED AWAY! Them! I WENT ALOT BUT HE WAS SAD! Isnt assisted living way better? PLZ ADVISE! I JUST NEED PARTIAL ASSISTED LIVING!

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You sound totally burned out. See if you can put mom into respite care at an assisted living facility, even if only for a month, so you can catch your breath and get some rest and time with your kids.

And maybe during that time, you'll both discover that it works and it's a better place for mom. Your top priority should be your immediate family, your kids and yourself. Mom comes after that in priority. So if taking care of her is affecting your care for your children in a negative way, then mom needs to go somewhere else. You can still visit her, you just don't have to be responsible for her 24/7 care. Hugs to you!
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