My aunt is 90, blind, living with my 87 yr old mother who is recuperating from a broken collar bone. I have been living with them for over a month, as my aunt doesn't cook and still gets disoriented in the house she's lived in for 55+ years. I want to proactively look into alternatives, as she does not change her habits easily and it is beginning to take its toll on my mother.

Looking to see if anyone has experience in finding a facility for a blind elder, and if successful, what are your tips/suggestions. I prefer to keep her in the home, as I finally got her and my mother to agree to having help come into the home.

Will now have a PCA coming in weekly to assist with her shower (she toilets and dresses herself, needs help with medication which my mother can provide), emergency system being installed, and homemaking assistance. However, her daily 'sponge bath' (which she insists on doing), takes up at least 2 hours in the morning, and her bed time preparations take almost as long.

They only have one bathroom, so if my mother needs the bathroom and waits too long to knock or doesn't speak loudly enough to get her attention, getting my aunt to move out of the bathroom becomes the crisis of the day and they get angry with each other.

Things may settle down once I leave (I am working from their downstairs den each day and trying to make myself scarce to encourage their normal routine to take root again). My mother's PT and OT both agree this is best, but I want to make sure I have a plan if that is what is needed.

Appreciate the help!

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