I stopped by the Assisted Living where my father lives this morning to drop off paperwork. (It was a DNR form. When he entered he didn't want to discuss it but now as Health Care Power of Attorney I wanted it on file.) I had called in advance and they said someone would come outside to meet me. When I arrived they had just received some deliveries. The staff, wearing masks and gloves, were wiping down every box and and every envelope with disinfecting wipes before taking them inside. While standing there another delivery of protective gowns was made. One of the staff arrived for work and someone took her temp using a special thermal thermometer which allowed them to stand at least 6 feet away. But the staff were still cheery and upbeat. They are professionals, they have trained for this. And I think we all need to thank our lucky stars they are there...

As a volunteer at a Hospice I have been one of only a few volunteers still going into the building. I am packing the Personal Protective Equipment that the staff needs to go into homes and facilities.
I am screened before I enter the building.
When I arrive in the room where I have been working (locked room) I sanitize the table I am working on, sanitize my hands, put on gloves and begin bagging the equipment. Gown, full face shield, smaller face mask, gloves, booties. So far I have made about 300. Next week I will begin packing disposable equipment BP cuffs, stethoscope, thermometers, as well as a few other items.
While I feel safe in the building I can not imagine what the staff is feeling while on visits. These are people that have family at home.
I pray that the bags that I am packing are the last ones that need to be done and there will be some leftover.
So to all the Health Care workers and other people still working, everyone from the Nurse's, CNA's to the truck drivers so the guy stocking shelves so the next person can hoard all the TP, THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication.
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Thank you for sharing your experience! It sounds like your dads facility is doing a great job trying to keep everyone safe during this pandemic.
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Thank you. Everyone needs to understand how important those measures are. It is good to read from someone who totally “gets it”.
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KatD81 Mar 21, 2020
Here here! A special class of people.
Thank you for recognizing them!
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What a good story of a facility working to do their best in this difficult situation. Thank you.
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Absolutely. And you got to see the precautions which probably made you feel better. We get emails almost daily from facility to tell us how everyone is doing.
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I hate to throw a damper on this thread but my sis has been sitting at the door doing temperature checks at her facility and the reason that is necessary is because too many of them just don't get it and they can't be trusted to self regulate - she's a little worried she is putting herself at risk from doing it. And then there are all the idiots who feel that this gives them a free pass to ditch work because "they are afraid", leaving them scrambling to fill shifts.
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We love and trust our staff.

It kills me to have to miss “drop ins” with my LO 4 or 5 times a week, but I do know that the environment she’s in is far safer than anywhere else for her.

There was a rainbow, a SPECTACULAR ONE, over our house last night, and it served as a brief reminder that although it may take more time than any of us would want to wait, we must continue to have HOPE.
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Good to hear this positive report on this facility. That’s wonderful!

Good for you for following up on having important information on file.
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As POA for my 96 yo father, i also have a signed DNR at the ALF. His lungs are very bad, copd, emphysema, smoked non filter cigs for 65 yrs even after half of rt lung was removed at age 80! If the virus should reach them, i just hope they let him go and give the respirators etc to someone with a better chance of survival/more deserving. Over the past few years he has repeatedly said himself: I've lived long enough.
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Mjlarkan Mar 24, 2020
Oh my gosh NavyVet. This brought tears to my eyes. Blessings to you. Hopefully, that decision won’t have to be made.
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