I connect over Zoom each day with residents of a large Assisted Living Facility as part of the AL's engaged-life program. From my questions I learn what their needs are and things that could be obtained for them fairly easily. For example one religious Christian woman is interested in hearing Bible lectures and would benefit from a TV (she's not computer-comfortable).

I wonder if these needs could have come up earlier with on-going check-ins by a social worker. Do large AL's provide SWs or are they hired separately by the resident's family?

No, ALs usually do not have SWs. ALs are like renting an apartment only you have staff to help you with your ADLs. ALs provide the care but residents (not patients) need to provide their personal items, like Depends, shampoo, towels, bed linen, furniture, TV, etc for their rooms. The AL provides their meals, activities, medication (thru residents prescription plan) and a commom area that usually has a TV.

Most people in ALs have family members who help them by bringing in what they need or want. Some residents drive. So can come and go.

With this lockdown, family probably cannot visit. Maybe they drop off what the resident needs? So take that into consideration. The woman without a TV seems odd to me. My Mom had a small flat screen in her room. Our church has and has had online services. This you may want to ask the Administrator about.

Your problem here is ALs ratio, aides to residents, is lower than a NHs would be. In a NH most of a residents needs are met. They are provided their toiletries. Meals, snacks, water and medications. Depends are provided. If they have no family or money, even donated clothing is provided.

So as things are now, the ALs basic needs are met. How they are handling personal needs, you may want to ask about that.
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There are no social workers where I live but there are activity directors, which is something else entirely. In my experience it is very rare to find any employee who gives much thought to tailoring activities to individuals, most focus on the group as a whole (those endless games of bingo)...
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Some have them, some don't ask the facility. Otherwise it would be up to the family to hire one separately or provide these things themselves.
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