My father is 59 and suffered a hemorrhagic stroke following a DT from alcohol withdrawal a year ago. He can not afford 24 hr care at home and continues to leave the apartment to go to bars and drink. He doesn’t drive or have access to money so he has now been arrested twice for public drunkenness and attempting to leave without paying. Because of this and his age, assisted living facilities and adult day cares will not accept him as a patient. We have tried keeping non alcoholic beers in the house to keep him there as well as CBD but he still leaves. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Yes to getting your county's social services (APS) involved. They may make him a ward of the state and then place him in a facility. What a challenge! Peace to you.
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Adult Protective Services is not just an agency who investigates abuse and neglect any longer. They have caseworkers who will evaluate an adult at risk, who your father is, and offer help. Give them a call tomorrow.
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If there is no option for placement at all then I haven't a clue. I cannot imagine what can be done in a situation like this. Unfortunately, the end for those with alcohol problems is often not pretty, and I don't honestly know what can be done about that. Have you tried al-anon? Might they have any ideas at all. Please do NOT consider the sacrifice of your own life on this altar, as that would be thankless indeed.
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