Hello, my Mom is in an Assisted living and I want to know legally if I can obtain her Medication Administration Record (MAR) that the facility keeps?

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Not without your mother's consent or other legal authority, such as MPOA, no.

What do you want the MAR for?
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My Mom still used her own doctor when in the AL but even if their doctor, as a POA u should be made aware of any meds being prescribed.

You gave them a list of Moms meds when she went in, correct. There should be no reason to deviate from that. The Nurse should discuss it with u before any changes are made. Lets say Mom shows some anxiety and they feel she would benefit from something, just like they would need permission from her if she were able to give it, as her representative they need it from you. ALs are not prisons. Its a residence. Mom is paying big bucks to live there, have meds given, 3 meals a day, etc.

The AL Mom was in had their own pharmacy. That pharmacy billed me each month. On the bill were the meds she was billed for. If you knew the pharmacy they used, you could request the info from them. Even OTCs should be listed and ordered thru a doctor. Do you not have care meetings every 3 months or so?
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Patient or the patient's POA has legal right to SEE the records.Perhaps not to be given the records, but to see them and to have the information about administration of medications. Are you suspecting that medications other than those prescribed are being administered to your Mom? This would be very unusual. Have you sat down to speak with the admin at the place?
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If you are her MPOA absolutely you are legally entitled to receive a copy of this or any other record they keep.
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