Any assistance with nursing home application process for 100% service connected disabled vet?


Have been told multiple answers and given referrals to multiple people only to be slammed against a rock wall. One person says he "is the VA's responsibility and they will take care of him", another says "on your own until he hits the medicaid eligibility guide lines", another says "get him on the list for the state va home where they will only take his pension and social security" My mother is dependent on his income so we are totally frustrated by this. Cannot get answers from the va about this.

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I don't mean to ask the obvious but have you checked with the Nursing Home? Some of them have staff that actually works with VA benefits, theres a VA benefit called Veterans Aid and Assistance that will allow for the Vets care and the spouse if they qualify. the participating NH or AL will either guide you thru the process or proceed for you. Some Assisted Living homes will do the same, just all depends upon the individual facility an internet search or a few phone calls should help you out.
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