My aged brother(73)resides in a room in my home. He has many medical conditions eg: CHF with implanted device,severe bi-polar (to which he denounces),
recovery from a broken hip, and a broken clavicle. He has alienated himself for other siblings, his activities have become severly diminished, his diet habits are improper, he choses to urinate in plastic iced tea containers, and deficate in a comode with potty liners (which may be days before they are disposed of) his room is dirty and unkempt, and he doesn't come up to shower, bathe , brush teeth, or personal any self- cleanliness whatsoever. He will wear the same garments days on end.. I can no longer allow this in my home, and I as a senior with health issues (62) am beginning to suffer the consequences of the caretaking. Please advise me as of what I can do. He primarily is of sound mind, but just in a severe state of denial.

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I have to say you've got your hands full. I agree with pamstegman about getting him into a nursing facility. If you have siblings, you might want to talk with them about it too so that they know what's going on. You also might want to try your local Agency on Aging. They also might have some ideas if you don't get results from the county or a social worker. This definitely needs to be addressed soon for your brother, but also for yourself. You need to take care of yourself so that you don't get run down or sick as well. Then you wouldn't be able to do what you need to do in this situation. Good luck with this.
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You get him to a nursing home. Call the county and get a Social Worker to help get him properly placed. They can petition for protective custody.
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