All caregivers need help and I'm no exception - I take care of my parents and I'm exhausted driving my parents to all their doctors appointment, with that being said I would like to know if anyone out in this blog would be able to help me couple ideas I have. First how do we get all medical industry to stay open longer and/or on weekends, so we don't have to use all our personal time to drive our loved one to all their appointments. Second - This one may be a little bit more challenging because I believe it involves the HIPPA Law - On those days I just can't drive my parents to one of their appointment and have made other arrangements I would like to have the capabilty to have video conference so I am still engaged in my parent's appointment. These are two of my ideas and would appreciate any and all feedback thank you.

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I don't mean that they have to be open late but it would be nice if they stayed opened until 6:30 or 7pm. I'll even opt for weekends to late hours - I live 40 minutes away from my parents and taking time away from work has had a major impact on my life and it would be nice if the medical industry recognized the amount of time & energy a caregiver has to sacrifice to get their patients to their appointments.
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Those are both great ideas. I have often thought of attending an appointment with my husband over the cell phone, especially for routine visits.

I understand about wanting evening appointments, but don't most of the elderly hate to be out at night?
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