I have a friend who cannot pay her rent partly because of the cost of her medications. Is there some financial assistance available? She is 67 and on Medicare.

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Definitely have her apply for Medicaid in case she may qualify. No harm in trying. Does she have Medicare Part D? She could also consider a Medicare Advantage program with lower drug copays. Also, ask the doc for samples and get the advice of the pharmacy.
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JeanneMarie, if your friend does not qualify for Medicaid, she may want to look into programs through the individual drug companies. She would need to figure out who manufactures her drugs, then search and contact each company individually. For example, I typed "low income prescription assistance Pfizer" and Pfizer's Pathways program came up on google.

My mom did this for my grandparents. It is tedious but helped them quite a bit.

Your friend can also speak to her doctor; the person in billing or the social worker affiliated with their medical group might have a more efficient way of getting that information.
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