What types of assistance is available when parents don't qualify for Medicaid?


My parents' medical and pharmacy bills are depleting most of their monthly income however, they do not qualify for medicaid . They have zero savings and still pay on a mortgage and also do not qualify for low income housing. They live in MO. Thank you for any suggestions.

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Thank you everyone for your responses. My parents take approx. 28 meds combined so even generics add up. They do have a medicare part D plan and are almost out of the 'doughnut hole'. The largest expense seems to be Dr and hospital visits (mom has been falling a lot). Dad has many specialist.

In regards to 'giving their money to kids', I have been paying half of their mortgage for a few years as well as covering other costs such as installing a stair lift, maintenance when it breaks down, replacing the air conditioning unit, etc.
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If they don't qualify because they gave their money to kids, then the kids have to support their parents. It's called "Filial Responsibility" law.
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Some pharmas will assist with medication costs for low-income people. Astra-Zeneca is one. Google the pharmaceutical manufacturers of your parents' meds, then contact them to see if they have that kind of a program to help your parents with their med costs.

I assume they're on Medicare but that there are additional costs which aren't covered? Do they have a Medigap or a supplemental plan that picks up the costs Medicare doesn't pay? Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has a Medigap Plan C which picks up what Medicare doesn't pay; we haven't paid a cent for noncovered costs in years. I don't know if other Blue Cross plans in other states are similar to Michigan's plan though.

Depending on the mortgagee, you might contact the lender and see if some kind of lower payment and extended amortization plan can be worked out.

There's always United Way or call 411 to ask about programs that might help. Area Agency on Aging might have suggestions as well.

Our electrical supplier has a senior citizens rate; check with your utilities to see if they do. And contact your parents' other creditors (phone, etc.) to see if they offer senior rates.

Best wishes for success in getting them some help.
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Are they taking generic meds? Generic meds cost much less but the Dr. has to prescribe the generic.

Financial aid is available to some people who have high medical bills. Call the billing dept. and ask about financial aid. It will depend upon how high their bills are. I'm not talking a payment plan but assistance in paying the bills. There are many forms to fill out, a need for assistance has to be established, but it's worth looking into if they're having trouble keeping up.
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