What assistance is available for my parents' that have low income and no retirement?


My dad served in the Korean war - he was drafted. His wife(my mom) now has dementia. Is there any assistance they can take advantage for at home care and down the road nursing home?

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Here is the Aid and Attendance Website for Vets http://www.benefits.va.gov/pension/

Your Dad should file for benefits; he earned every penny!
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My dad served in the Korean war. But all he wants from the Veteran's is just to be buried in their cemetery. When my mom passed away last year, older sis checked with the Veteran's office and found out that my dad does qualify as a Vet. So, we were able to bury mom at the cemetery at no cost (this does not include the coffin.) I asked dad several times about applying for Veteran's benefits but he refuses. He does not want to go to the Veteran's clinic or get any Veteran's check, etc... he just want's the burial plot.

So, I would recommend checking with the VA's online site. Or if there's an office in your area. You can check with them about home care, etc...

In the meantime, you can also call your local gov't programs for the elderly. There is a program in which the govt caregiver comes 4 hours a week to help out - shower the patient, cook for them, light housekeeping, etc... There is also a caregiver respite program which they provide limited hours of caregiving and limited respite for the caregiver and we get discounts on supplies like Depend pamper, wipes, latex gloves, etc... We also have for dad the meals on wheels for lunch.

You can also try Medicaid since they have no income. It's a lengthy process and you might get denied several times before they finally get approved. Best to find someone to help you with the application.
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