My Great-Grandmother wants to appoint my grandfather as conservator for her well being, his sister has DPOA. My Great Aunt had my Great Grandmother sign a DPOA telling her it was something else that needed to be signed. She took that DPOA and changed the trust, rescinded my grandfathers POA and took over all of my Great Grandmothers accounts, property and assets. She also is withholding the Original Trust Papers and won't give my Great grandmother a penny of her own money. We went to the lawyer and he said that he would not issue a new POA for my grandfather, that he will have to get my grandmother examined for competency.

My Great Grandmother would like to assign conservatorship to my grandfather, but he fears that his sister will contest it. She has the trust money to pay lawyers, my grandfather doesn't. She is scheduled for an exam next month, but in the interim my aunt said that we need to cease and desist and if we try to interfere with her healthcare and the people she hires to watch her and take care of her(we take care of her now), that she will call DCF for elder abuse on us. My Great Grandmother is furious she was tricked and wants her papers back and the DPOA, what recourse does she have? She is 95.

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Seek legal advice and ask for Emergency intervention by the court if you have grounds. You might see if the court can appoint an interim guardian until the full hearing. Do you know if Aunt has some reason for doing what she has done?

The rules about this vary by state. I would seek advice from an attorney who regularly handles this type of case.
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