My dad's home is deeded to me with POD destination on it. Also all his CD's have a POD tag on them. Would Medicaid count that as his assets?

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If he goes on Medicaid, the CDs would have to be spent for his care and spent down before Medicaid will pay for his care.

His house will not have to be sold but you will have to keep it up. His SS and pension will be used for his care. Do you reside with him. If so you may be considered a resident. You can live in the house, but upon Dads passing a lean will be put on it but not recouped till you pass or sell. It does not matter who inherits, the lean will have to be paid eventually. Talk to your state Medicaid to see if I am correct.
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Whatever is left after he spends his assets for his own care until he dies will go to you.
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Yes, the CD accounts are considered assets by Medicaid. It is your dads money until he dies.
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