What assets can you have and still qualify for Medicaid?


My mother is in a rehab with the intend of returning home end of July 2013. My sisters live in the mobile home mom bought as she lives with them. I have the title to the home as I don't trust my sisters. They want it back to sell the home in order for mom to get Medicaid. I asked where will everyone live and she said didn't know. I told her I will not give them anything until I check everything out for myself. They have already moved mom's money market out her bank to I don't know where. They are trying to say it is all gone. They have written and signed her name to checks out of her checking acct. She gets Social Security and $148 from a union pension. They use the debit card to pay for things out of her acct when not signing her name to the checks. They have been signing checks for almost a year and wasn't authorized on her acct. See why I don't trust them? I am only trying to protect mom so she can live out her life with no worries. She is 85 yrs old. What can I all do for her? I don't have room at my place to bring her with me. I have a small mobile home and a son that has turned the living room into a bedroom. I am retired living on Soc Sec and a pension that gives me a total income of $1850 a month so after bills nothing extra but I really need help fast.

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We have an article written by one of our experts on AgingCare.com that answers this question directly. I have posted it below.


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My mom had to do a Medicaid Annuity to protect her assets. To qualify for Medicaid, she cannot have more than $2000 in assets. They will check your mom's bank accounts and see money transfer and withdrawals within the past 5 years and question that. If your sisters are forging checks, they are breaking the law. By taking her money without her consent, they can be prosecuted under laws that protect the elderly. You may want to caution them about that. Sounds like they are already in deep.
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