I’m wondering if others go through similar experience and how they handle it?

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I do have similar experiences and honestly, I handle some memories better than others. Most of the time I try to let it go, but every once in awhile I have to walk away. There have been several times when my father jokingly mentioned things that were very traumatic for me, like it was funny. My gut reaction is to really let him have it but it would serve no purpose. He’s broken, always has been, and managed to create a very broken family full of suicide, alcoholism, abuse and neglect. I can’t fix him but I try to work on myself. And to be brutally honest, I’m looking forward to him passing. It’s been a rough road and I’m ready for a different one. I’m sorry for whatever it is you are experiencing. I think you’ll find a lot of support on this forum. Although each of our stories are different, we have a lot in common. Good luck to you.
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