I'm leaving for three months, so patient needs to go to AL as she does not drive and I have responsibility of her finances, etc. She has been diagnosed with dementia. One day she's willing to go to AL, then the next day she doesn't want to go. What are my rights?

Thank you.

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I would get APS involved. Tell them that you need to revoke her POA because at 87 you can no longer do it. Give them the name of the step-daughter and the niece. The state may just have to take over her care and assign a guardian who will be able to get the squatter out and sell the house.

As a POA you should have the right to sell her home. But do you really want to go thru getting the squatter out then do what needs to be done to sell the home? Not me. Been there. Not the squatter part but I had to find a disabled nephew another place to live to sell the house.
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Read the PoA document to make certain what authorities you are assigned. In some states squatters have rights as well and are protected from eviction so you'll need to research this for her state. If she's in a no-squatters rights state, then you'll need to execute an eviction process. This usually involves going down to the courthouse, filing a form and paying a fee, then posting an eviction notice at the residence for 30 days. After 30 days the police can be called. Again, each state is different so you will need to find the process for hers. P.S. be sure to inspect the residence and take pictures before they leave in case they decide to leave a parting message by damaging the property.
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