A few weeks ago I asked for advice on putting Mom on waitlists for NH care before her money runs out. Tuesday she went for her yearly physical, required for her prescriptions/Medicare. Her breathing had been sounding bad for about two weeks, but she wouldn’t go because she was afraid she’d end up in the hospital & then the NH. Her Dr. sent her straight to the hospital, thought she had pneumonia. Mom’s Dr. doesn’t have hospital privileges, so another Dr. had to admit her. It ended up being bronchitis, but she was admitted after that Dr. fought for it. Tomorrow she will be transferred to the NH (our 1st choice!!!) for rehab.

I hate to be be so thankful for my mom ending up in the hospital, but this is such a HUGE burden gone. For almost a year I have worried over this!!! The phone calls, “your mom just wants to be at home, why are you doing this to her” started yesterday.

But, I’m still holding my my breath until she’s actually in a bed there. Now need advice on signing paperwork on my mom’s behalf!!!

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Well right now its just rehab. Signing of papers is having her admitted and who is responsible for payment, which is her. Do not sign anything that says you r responsible. If her POA make sure that is at the end of your signature. Medicare pays 100% of the first 20days. From 21 to 100 50%. Hopefully her suppliment wil, pick up some of the cost. Mom was responsible for $150 a day. If you are considering LTC, have her evaluated while in rehab. In my area LTC and rehab are in the same building. So switching over is easy. If Mom has money, it will need to used for her care spending her down to about 2k. Before that you need to file for Medicaid. The NH can help there.
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mollymoose Jan 2019
I tried to make sure I wasn’t responsible for what I signed. It took 1 1\2 hours to go through the stack of papers. The NH requires the paperwork be completed before the patient arrives. Because Mom was being transported from the hospital, she couldn’t sign them herself. Barring a complete miracle, she will not return home but did enter as a rehab patient.
" Yes, it would be nice if mom were able to be at home and be safe. But she's not safe there alone, and she can't afford the kind of care she needs at home. So the only safe alternative is for her to transition to a NH. Let's make her transition there as pleasant as possible. Can you commit to visiting once a week?"
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I think it's understandable that you feel thankful that she ended up in the hospital. Sometimes the care level needed is a bit excessive to deal with at home.

I assume the negative calls are from family members? I guess you just have to let it roll off your back. You don't have to make those callers happy. Just yourself and make sure mom is well taken care of, etc. If the naysayers want to provide care, then that's another discussion but there just don't seem to be a lot of people out there up for the job. The hours (24/7) and the "pay" (not) are real deterants to most!
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