I don't know the laws about accepting their help. I want to know what the guidelines are.

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The ethics couldn't be any clearer. You are in a position of trust. It is unacceptable for you to use the trust your client has in you to gain financial advantage. Thank your client for his/her sympathetic and supportive attitude and explain that you cannot accept either gifts or loans from a client. It is out of the question.

This is true anyway. But if your client is vulnerable - elderly, or living with dementia for example - accepting such help might lead to your prosecution for financial abuse.
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Are your wages for caregiving already adequate?  Are taxes deducted from your wages, and does your employer provide a 1099 at the end of the year?

How long have you been working for this employer?  

Is the offer of help a loan or a donation or gift?      Does the employer expect to be repaid, and, if so, on what terms?  (I.e., interest bearing Note, repayment whenever, etc.)

Just trying to get a good idea of the relationship between you and your employer.

ETA:   Alva  makes a very good point about gifting and gift taxes.
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Wow. I need more information. I worry about waters becoming muddy. I worry about expectations. This is likely someone who can afford to do a good deed and who is intent on doing this good deed. Can you give me any information?
How long have you worked for this employer. Is this a large business or a smaller personal business where your employer has become your friend? Might it not be better, safer for you both, less muddy if your employer instead raised your salary somewhat?
I don't know why I am uncomfortable here. I would not be if this were a friend who made this offer, who told you "I can afford this and I would rather DO this than give to an anonymous cause; I don't care HOW you spend it and I will never ask, but I want to make you this one time gift; please let me". I think it is the employer/employee thing that bothers me. In all honesty I don't know why it makes me uncomfortable.
Can you give me more information on how this offer came to you?
As to the "laws" I don't know that there is any law against this, but perhaps someone more up on the law can set me straight. There are laws for a gift-GIVER in that if I give my daughter money for my grandson's college fund then I have to keep it under a certain amount or I am taxed on this gift. I haven't checked of late but think the amount is 14,000 a year? And I could give 14,000 to daughter, to grandson himself, and to daughter's husband without tax repercussions if I am correct. But they accept the gift tax free. That is to say there is no repercussion on them for accepting the gift.
I am hoping for some tax knowledgeables to weight in here. It is the moral question more of concern to me.
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