I have been reading study's that smoking pot (just one hit a day) will start to reverse Alzheimer's. Just wondering if anyone else had read about this. I have not smoked pot in YEARS!!!! but they are saying in many articles that I have read that people who grew up in the 60's and 70's all having in common that they use to smoke pot or still do have less of a chance of developing Alzheimer's. I guess there is an ongoing study in Canada and they are saying they are not condoning drug use however smoking pot will has been know to stop the progression of Alzheimer's and in some cases reverse it. they are saying that it will reduce the plaque build up. I find this very interesting and wonder if anyone else has read about this? Medical Marijuana is being used for so many things these days and from smoking it while being a teenager I know just one hit a day is not going to get you high, they say that the THC does more for someone then the medications used for Alzheimer's. I'm going to ask my mom's doctor about this.

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That could be true that marijuana may slow the progression of Alzheimer's, but you will be trading one illness for another. Smoking one pot cigarette is equal to smoking a half of pack of cigarettes because pot smokers tend to inhale deeper and keep the smoke in longer. Thus, one could easily develop lung cancer, COPD, and any other *smoke* related illnesses.

Smoking pot is also highly dangerous as one gets older because pot will cause the heart to accelerate by 100%, an effect that could last for 3 hours, and your blood pressure to go up quickly... hello heart attack.
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