Anyone tried aromatherapy for dementia?


Anyone tried rosemary for treatment of AD or dementia? I'm trying a few drops of rosemary oil on a tissue atop a small bowl. It's in the patients bedroom 24/7 and MAY be having a positive influence on memory. Either that or there have been a couple of memory-improved days for some other reason that I know nothing about.

Others have made 28 day trials with aroma-therapy and obtained positive results. The oils used were rosemary and lemon in the
morning, and lavender and orange in the evening. So far, I'm only using rosemary because it’s all I have.

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The NIH has several published reports on aromatherapy, check there for information. The Herbal PDR is also a wealth of information. Essential oils lost their popularity as synthetic drugs were developed in the 20th century. Oil of Wintergreen was replaced with methyl salicylate. I commend your efforts for seeking natural solutions. Rosemary does work and so does peppermint oil.
And yes calming oils like Lavender and Rose and Ylang-ylang are good for evening rest.
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