Does anyone know if visitors are allowed in rehab or nursing homes in New York? My husband wants to visit his mother who is in a nursing home in Staten Island, NY. I don’t want him to go for obvious reasons. Staten Island has the highest infection rate in New York we’re in Long Island and staying safe. I’m hoping they’re not open to visitors. Anyone know?

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Call. Google it. Should be relatively easy to find out. In NH, no visitors in either. Which was really difficult after my mom's knee surgery and rehab when she really could have benefitted from a little helper (me!). Oh well.
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Is he going to call himself?

I would tell him that you've heard no visitors allowed for now.

I wouldn't go to Staten Island right now for any amount of money in the world.
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You need to call the nursing home his Mother is in. See if they are allowing visiting hours. Some here were allowing an hour a day but, you had to have ur temp checked before going in. Now numbers have increased, they are only allowing outside. One place has a tent set up.
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