My mother lives in an assisted living facility in Illinois. We are wondering if we can put a video camera in her room. We know there is a law allowing such cameras in nursing homes in Illinois, but I cannot find anything about assisted living.

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nnovo15, please note as one gets older, they will be falling, it sadly becomes the norm.

I fully understand how your Mom wouldn't want to wait for an Aide to help her, but in Assistant Living there probably is a triage system in place.... thus if an Aide cannot get to your Mom for awhile, it's because the Staff is dealing with a resident who has a medical emergency.

Just curious, who will be monitoring the camera screen around the clock to see if Mom falls? All it takes is a second for an elder to fall, even in a room filled with nurses and aids. It's like caring for a toddler learning how to walk.

My Dad was also a major fall risk, but he had a private caregiver for half a day, and even then she wasn't always able to reach my Dad when he was going down. Rest of the day without the caregiver, Dad depended on his medical alert, which he did use.
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Thank you for your answer. What I'm hoping to find out is if there is a law either for or against recording devices in assisted living. I know there is a law in Illinois that allows their use in nursing homes, but I can't find anything about assisted living.

She asked us to put it in for peace of mind. She has fallen a few times because she doesn't like to wait for the assistance of an aid, and with the camera in her room, we would know right away and could get over there without having to wait for the call from the facility (which is delayed because they are working on making sure she's okay before they call us, which is how it should be).

Dressing and bathing take place in the bathroom, which is not recorded.
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nnovo, check the admission paperwork and see if there is a paragraph regarding recording devices. Otherwise, you would need to ask the Director of the assisted living to see if this is possible. Don't be surprised if the Director says no.

Is there a really important reason you want a video camera in your mother's room? If you don't trust the place where Mom is living, find a new facility.

What I believe it would be an invasion of your Mother's privacy, especially if she is getting dressed or getting ready for bath time. Even if Mom isn't of clear mind, it is just the idea of being recorded. Especially with hackers today, that video could find its way into the Internet. Same as hackers picking up photos off of Facebook or other social medias.
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