I replied to a question about a week age and I never saw it posted. It actually was a little harsh.....but I am wondering if it was deleted by a staff member. Are these comments looked over by a staff member before it is posted. If so, I would like to know so I will curtail my responses with a little more dignity as to what that person is going through.

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Additionally, if you leave the page while drafting your post, you will lose your draft.

If you do read the rules, guidelines, you will discover that first, last names are not allowed and will be deleted by the admins. Maybe that was the problem with your post.

You may want to edit your profile page and remove actual names.

Do not give up, people can help you here. Keep posting!
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You can ask the administrators of the website by contacting them directly, and also read the AgingCare guidelines, under: About Aging Care.
Technical errors as well as moderator deletions do occur, and it has happened to some of the most loyal posters.

Your idea is very wise: "curtail my responses with a little more dignity as to what that person is going through.", and I am sure doing so will fit within the guidelines of AgingCare.
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Yes, admins can and do edit posts. On the other hand I've sometimes forgotten to actually click/tap the box to post something I've written (just hitting "enter" doesn't work here LOL)
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AlvaDeer Sep 15, 2019
I have done that as well, Cwillie.
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