We had one aged care facility run by the State Government for people who were ‘too hard’ for other places. A highly political and publicised investigation resulted in it being closed. This occurred following a murder of one resident by another, with the staff member on duty locking herself in a room because she could not cope. The investigation revealed many problems, including staff whose poor behaviour probably reflected over-exposure, plus under-reporting of resident violence. Family obviously couldn’t cope themselves, but were highly critical. Without restraints, isolation or heavy medication, it is clearly one of the hardest things to deal with. I hope that your situation is easier than this! Keep your expectations realistically low - you may have to tolerate over-medication.
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Before any patient is accepted into a facility, they are evaluated. Chronic hostile behavior puts the patient and everyone else in danger and won’t be tolerated. Are there special facilities? Well, like CWille says, there are the Geri Psych hospitals and floors in hospitals but patients usually can’t stay there long term. Hopefully, the GP hospital would work with you to find placement.
The only way you know for sure is to interview these facilities and use your good judgement to pick one.
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Those elders with violent tendencies - whatever the cause - are most often sent to a geriatric psychiatric facility to find medications that will curb their aggression and hopefully give them the ability to be integrated back into the community or into a regular nursing home.
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