I work full time and so do my siblings, mom needs to go once a week to lab for lab work and we have used up our time off to take her. Are there transportation services out there that can help to get her to those lab appointments?

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Thanks for giving us information about your situation and siblings but what are mom’s health challenges?
i think we need to know more about her in order to better understand the situation.
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Paratransit, Senior Transportation services.
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Check out your local seniors organization or call the lab and ask them. In my community we have Handy Dart a bus service that does door to door pick up and drop off. Taxis are another option. Many cab companies will either bill or allow prepayment.

In Vancouver BC eligible seniors can buy cab fare vouchers that give them 50% off their cab fare. Dad was told he could use this service after his stroke.

Contact local home care companies and ask if they offer this.

What options are available will depend on your local community.
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