Are there resources to help my mom get Medicaid & SSI?


My mom lives in her own, and does mostly ok. But when she is overwhelmed she basically shuts down, and just stops trying. As a result her Medicaid lapsed and she is not receiving any SSI (she is 66, no other income). I have 3 kids 4 & under and simply can't dedicate the time to doing it for her. Are there any resources that can help her with applications, answering questions, help her find a Dr, etc?



Medicaid doesn’t charge a premium. That’s Medicare. At 66 why hasn’t she applied for Social Security? She probably let her Medicaid lapse by not completing and mailing it back. She is eligible for Medicare at age 65. She needs to get a social worker at her county Human Services office to help her get appropriate services.
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Her county Department of Aging has social workers and support staff to help her. She should have all her paperwork together to bring down to the office.
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Call your local area Agency on Aging. In our county, it’s part of the Jobs and Family Services Department. They have many resources to help you navigate your way through this. I wonder how Mom’s Medicaid lapsed, though. Isn’t that taken automatically out of her SS check? You can also call Social Security and talk to someone there to ask what can be done.
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