Are there any VA benefits for children caring for a veterans widow?

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The widow would have already gotten the veteran's benefits (most likely). In some places there are in-home services for veterans, but I'm not sure about the widow.

First, contact your local VA center (I know, I know. It takes forever to get a human being). Alternately, you may want to go to the VA Web site and search.

I would also go to your State Web site and look under aging services to see what help is available for caregivers. Just type in the name of the state and you should find their main site. They may use a different name than aging services, but it will be similar.

Each state is different, but this is a good way to search for local benefits and services.

You may want to read this article for more tips:

I keep reading where Congress is going to make more money available for caregivers, but it will likely be funneled through the states, so keep tuned to your state and the local service contact.

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I'm in the same situation. American Patriot is the contact I have for possible VA benefits. Go to or call 888-726-1772 for questions. They are a wonderful way to start to get answers to your situation. Hope this helps.
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My mother needs full care I care for her at home she is 88. We need funds to help with the cost. My father was a veteran w 100% disability. We need repairs and insulation as well as possible refinance of morgage loan.
Thanks Susan
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I don't know but my mother is the widow of a veteran and she said when she runs out of money, she can get help through the VA. She is 90 so if you find out anything, please share.
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