I'm looking in my area.

AngelinaBobina, it's not easy to find a local support group for those who are caregivers. I live in a big metro area, and found one but it was way too far for me to drive. Apparently the reason for the lack of such groups is that caregivers cannot all get off from their caregiving duties at the same time, and/or to find someone to sit for their love one.

I found AgingCare was really great helping me along this uncharted journey :)
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I’ve found SO MUCH help through this online support group and am so thankful for it!

Check your local hospitals for caregiver support groups. Google ‘caregiver support groups’ and your ‘zip code’ together for other resources.

Good luck!
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You mean ones local to you? You can contact your local Council on Aging if in a US state, or search online. This online community will give you a lot of support :-)
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