Are there any senior housing units in North or Central Jersey that are pet friendly?

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Are you talking Assisted living, Independent living, nursing homes?
We r a forum with people from US, Canada and the UK. We all are Caring or have cared for a loved one and share our experiences. Now I live in S. Jersey and the apartment complexes in my area are pet friendly. As are the Assisted Living. Nursing Homes, no. All u can do is look in ur phone book or on the internet and see what complexes are near you. Then you need to call them. Some do not allow certain breeds of dogs. In my brothers complex that includes...Shepards, Wrotwilers, Pit bulls and mixes, Dobermans...some can't be above a certain height and weight.
thank you JoAnn
I think it depends on the size and breed as JoAnn stated above. I think that these days many of these senior housing units allow small pets as long as the pet is housebroken and doesn’t bark all the time (in deference to the other residents).
Good luck and I hope you find a place where you can have a fur baby. Pets are very therapeutic!

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