My dad is getting weak and unbalanced. I worry every time he takes the stairs in his home. We're in Kansas. Are there any organizations that I could contact whether nationwide or perhaps locally (if anyone is in KS or familiar with this area)? He is NOT a veteran, but he is on social security. He has heart problems (4 heart attacks, 9 stents, and a bypass under his belt) as well as being in remission from lung cancer. He has numerous other health concerns such as psoriasis of the liver. He's starting to shake/tremble very slightly so I'm wondering if he will soon be diagnosed with Parkinson's.

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My husband used a stair lift on a small cruise. Two of us traveled with him. One stayed at the bottom of stairs and the other at the top, to help him on and off. It worked fine that way, but I seriously doubt he could have used it on his own. FF is correct that it highly depends on the person.

The stair lift addresses going between floors. But he is also weak and unbalanced on each floor, right? If he manages to get upstairs and then falls in the hallway, then what?

I'm just suggesting that if it is not safe for Dad to live alone, the stair lift itself may not be enough to change that.

I also agree with FF that the Area Agency for Aging would be a good place to start your search.
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Dani, go visit Dad and find out if there is a stair lifts vendor in your and if it is possible to have a test drive for Dad. I would hate to have you put in a stair lift only to find that Dad is scared to use it.

My parents had lived in a house which had numerous flights of stairs. And I know my Mom would have never used a lift, nor even want it in her house. My Dad would have used it. I was hoping my parents would downsize into something safer since they were fall risks. Both my parents had numerous falls in other parts of the house, and my Mom had a fall that became fatal. Dad later got caregivers but even with their help, the stairs became too difficult. Dad moved into senior living and was so happy he moved, he was now around people of his own age group, and no more worries about maintaining the house.

If you want to keep your Dad in his house, and want a stair lift, try calling your local Agency on Aging to see if there are any community volunteer groups that would swing the cost and installation of the stair lift.
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