I wash my Mom clothes and she has a washer and dryer that I can use. But her house is being sold and I don't know what is what, or how to keep records for the courts. I'm guardian of person, so I don't know if clothes, dishes, refridge, etc are counted as estate or if I can use her washer and dryer to wash her clothing. I've been taking them from the nursing home and taking them to them laundry mat when I wash my cloths.

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Believe me, I also washed Moms clothes until I was going away for 10 days with no one to wash her clothes. I noted that residents were clean and no smells. I talked to the laundress in charge and was told the product they use gets rid of the smells. So, I took pictures of Moms clothes. Counted socks and had the homes labels put in Moms clothes. It took that responsibility off my shoulders. It will also cut the cost of a laundry.

As guardian, you need to keep all receipts for anything you spend on Mom. If private pay those cost. Diapers, shampoo, food brought in. Doctor bills not covered by insurance. Now, when you break up house, receipts of anything you sell. If give to a thrift shop, make a list of what you donate and what they r worth. Get a receipt from the charity. To get a list that the IRS let's you use as a guide for what your donation is worth: The charity is not allowed to give you an amount that they feel your donation is worth. That is ur responsibility. When I did this my receipt showed the charity, the person donating and what they donated. I was not allowed to put on a monetary amount. You must have a contact for your guardianship. If so, call them and ask for a form explaining your responsibilities.
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Why is the house being sold? Are you guys selling it or is it a force sale of some sort?
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