Are the contents in a home counted as part of an estate in a guardianship of an estate?

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I have medical guardianship of my mother and the court gave a consultatant the guardianship for my Mom. There are things in my mother's house that she needs and things that I want from there. What can I get and what can't I have?

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I had to do an inventory of most of our stuff. Not everything but the most valuable. We are not art or antique collectors so none of the furniture, etc was inventoried. But other things were, like vehicles, jewelry, real estate, etc. However there was also a division of what was community property and what was personal property.
If she is the sole owner then it would sound like everything would need to be inventoried.
At this point I would ask either the court or an attorney. The consultant is also a source of information. I think much would depend on the guardianship laws in your state.
Yes, everything in the home that belongs to you Mom is under the direction of the Guardian.
Jjariz, I'm Co-Guardian

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