Are services received prior to coverage start date eligible for Medicaid reimbursement?


I am seeking reimbursement for counseling services I've received before my Medicaid coverage began. I heard reimbursement for covered past services could be submitted up to 3 mo. prior to coverage start date. Link to Medicaid form also helpful, thank you!



In NY we submitted all bills directly to the Medicaid caseworker. I either faxed them or scanned them and sent them to her email. Yes, we went back 90 days from the application date. If we had already paid a bill, the “reimbursement” was figured into the final paperwork settlement. We never actually got a check, just owed less. But again, this was NY.
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This is a caregiver forum. Each state is different in how it handles their Medicaid. I think in my nephews instance it was from the date we filed even though he received Medicaid later. You need to call your caseworker at the Medicaid office you signed up at. They should be able to take you through the process.
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