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I think people who never gave the afterlife much thought when they were young suddenly realize they're on the short side of life and if they want to make peace with their maker they better hurry it on up.

But if you aren't a believer and you think your ticket is almost up it must be a scary thought. I think I'd be a little obsessed too. Fortunately, I am a believer and I know it's all in God's hands.
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I don’t know that all older people are obsessed with dying, but my dad sure likes the topic! He often says he won’t be here much longer, he’s ready to go, etc. When he buys something he’ll tell us it’s his last refrigerator, his last air conditioner, his last water heater....He also ranks funerals, each one he goes to he tells us how well they did it, what parts were good and what parts they could have done better (don’t most of us just attend and get through it?!) I tell him that God has a number of days for each of us and obviously his days aren’t up yet or he wouldn’t be here anymore. I remind him of the good things in his life. I’m also respectful that he does miss his wife and many other friends and family he’s outlived, he lives with many pains and limitations, and life isn’t so kind to him anymore, so there are real reasons for finding it hard to be positive
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Hi, Jean. Is this your mom? Does she have dementia? Because people with dementia obsess over many things. Not all elderly people obsess about dying, but admittedly, the closer we get, the more we think about it.

One of my favorite Snoopy cartoons is of him and Charlie Brown sitting in a dock. We see them from the back looking at at a glorious sunset. Charlie Brown says to Snoopy, “We will all die one day, Snoopy.” And Snoopy answers, “Yes, but on all the other days, we will not”

if Mom wants to talk about dying, give her five minutes. Ask her if she’s afraid to die or what she thinks will happen. Then, after 5 minutes move onto some of her favorite music, television show, a walk around the block, etc.
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Jrholla Aug 2018
Thank you for your insightfulness!
My mom is a Christian, I guess I just have a hard time with it.
I dont want her to be sad!
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