My father is a nursing home resident in NY. He is covered under Medicaid and Medicare. I was wondering what the rules are for nursing homes providing basic haircuts?

His nursing home says that they charge for haircuts. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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It’s probably going to be how the service is “defined” as to if covered and how it could possibly be paid by the M&Ms.
For ladies, in my experience, going over to the on site beauty shoppe visit is not and is paid from their personal needs allowance in the NH trust fund in their name or family pays the hairdresser personally. For men, if it’s really a barber shop type of service, like a hair cut with shave or facial hair trim, so it’s grooming, it’s similar so paid from his PNA.

sometimes I’d see elders at the 2 NH my mom was in with very very unkept hair (men & women) as they had no PNA funds set up to get them on regular barber/ beauty visits. It was so sad. I think the Salvation Army would come and do barebones haircuts for the men. The ladies got put into ponytails or braids.
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Thank you guys for all the different responses! :)
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My mom, in Ohio and also on Medicaid, was always charged for any hair services she got. But, she got a weekly manicure that she was not charged for.
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I just googled it. Medicaid pays for basic haircuts so I would question the charge especially if they are taking it out of Dads personal needs account. Which they need a signature to do.
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caregivernyc, check with the paperwork you received when your Dad was first admitted to the nursing home. It should say what is covered and what is not. I know that sometimes we are surprised what is not included in the monthly fee.

Since this is a Medicaid related, please note that each State handles their own Medicaid rules, regulations, and programs.
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Nursing homes are allowed to charge for haircuts because it is a service. Medicaid pays for haircuts (but not things like perms) because it’s considered routine basic hygeine. Medicare does not cover haircuts.
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caregivernyc Jan 15, 2019

Thanks for your response! If Medicaid pays for the basic haircuts, which is what my father needs, how come the nursing homes charge the residents for it? Why would they receive two payments?
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