For about a week now my Grandma has been complaining about nightmares. She wakes up crying saying they seem "ghostly". People from her past trying to make her do things she doesn't want to do, leaving her cryptic messages in things like the kitchen calendar or newspapers in her bed. Finding herself in dark abandoned places, and just things like that. Is this normal? I know she isn't going to be here much longer. She's already in hospice, but this is completely new. She never gets nightmares. I'm wondering if it's because they took her off donepezil, but I believe they started before. I'm not quite sure, but it was around the same time.

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They r called night terrors and if frequent medication can be given. Tell the hospice nurse.
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I agree with Barb above about checking for an urinary tract infection. Such an infection can do weird things to an elder.

If there is no UT infection, has there been any other changes to her medicine or her food? Why I ask about food is that I get really strange dreams if I eat chocolate ice cream after dinner, same happens to my sig other. Also with certain ethic foods.

As for the donepezil, that could be the key since this all has been happening around the time your Grandmother was taken off the medicine.
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Check for a uti. And call the hospice line and ask about this.
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