Are burial costs covered for a Louisiana long term Medicaid patient when she dies?


A woman has been in a rehab facility for 5 years on Medicaid. She has septic shock and is on a ventilator. Her children have no money. Does Medicaid provide burial costs?

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Thank you for your assistance igloo572.
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No. Funeral and burial costs are to be paid by family or whomever claims the body. When they die the facility will contact the coroner who has usually funeral homes who comes to take the body unless your in a bigger parish. Orleans Parish (I’m in NOLA) & Jeff & St Tammany & a couple of other bigger parishes have storage at coroners office for bodies.

If you at all claim the deceased, then it’s your responsibility to pay.
If not, coroner office files a bill with the state or with the public administrator for the parish. And they are considered paupers for burial.

If they die with any assets, the bill is a debt against the estate. And estates has to be settled before any distribution to heirs can happen. Louisiana doesn’t have funding source for burials like some states do from $ paid on burial certificates.
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