Are adult children legally responsible for senior parents in civil lawsuits?

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If he/she lives in your home, you could easily be sued for a parent's auto accident. However, being sued and being liable are two different things.
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You'll need to provide more information. I assume your parents are defendants? Who's suing them, and for what? Are they named individually, or are the adult children named as well? What's their mental capacity?

Have they executed Durable Powers of Attorney, and if so, are the adult children named as proxies?

Is this a personal injury lawsuit?

Your question really can't be answered w/o more information on the lawsuit.

And BTW, are your parents defending themselves, do they have an attorney, or if this is a PI accident, have they turned the litigation papers into their insurance company for assignment with a defense attorney?

Please give us more information so we can help.
More info, please.
I see this was posted in the "Driving and Travel" section, which suggests to me it might be an auto accident related issue. If so, who was driving? How is title held to the vehicle? Do your parents have liability insurance on their vehicle, or is it so old that the insurance carrier wouldn't issue liability coverage?

Who was driving when the accident occurred, and what happened? And who's named as Defendant(s) in the Complaint?

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