Spouse approved 10 mos ago for Medicaid spenddown of $1960 monthly in Virginia. Just discharged from 25 day hosp. How to get all NH paid for?

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It sounds like Medicaid in the past determined his monthly copay was $1960. Is that correct?

And now he was Discharged from a hospitalization to a rehab facility?
If so and he’s on Medicare, then Medicare will be paying for his stay 100% for his first 20/21 days. Your should asap speak with admissions within this 21 day period to get him ready to file his LTC Medicaid application so Medicaid starts paying the day after Medicare stops. AND file whatever paperwork needed for a community spouse resource allowance to you from his $1960 monthly income if Medicaid determines you need a diversion of his income to enable you to live in your community.

But if he’s returned home from the hospital and now you finding taking care of spouse is beyond what you can do, so he needs to be in a NH, that’s going to be lots more complicated. Spouse will have to get a “needs assessment” done to show that he needs to have care in a skilled nursing facility.
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