I am mom's caregiver, her POA, started handling & transferred her finances to mine due to her dementia, she could no longer do this. Told now big mistake, Medicaid will not like this, will need to seperate her expenses from mine. We live together. I also transferred the title to the home to me, include me on there. She's needing fulltime care now. Will be searching for nursing home or assisted memory care. She has 2 pensions, and disability. One is from dads, he is deceased 10 years, it's for supplemental health care she pays for. Very confusing and how was I to know this would be an issue later? What to do who to go to for advice?

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I have same problem as I live with my mother...never moved away. We have a joint account & I also have my own separate account that my part time job salary goes automatically into. My mother’s SS & pension goes auto into joint account...we have household expenses like utilities that get paid out of joint account or out of mine..private paying aides get paid from joint account...A lot of the expenses are shared...My mother very abusive so I stay with one caregiver who takes her abuse & doesn’t leave. She was approved for Medicaid but it’s a long story ...aide didn’t want to register w agency to be my back up. I wanted to get paid for being family caregiver & I was approved but wasn’t able to come up with required any event, you may not have as many roadblocks & see Elder law Atty to see how you can help her. No one can be “Karnak” & see future problems. Maybe a rep payee account can be set up. Good luck & hugs 🤗
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An elder law attorney. When did you have the house transferred to you? Is mom's name still on it? If the transfer of the house was more than five years ago, it may not be a problem. Or if you were her caregiver, and medically necessary, for more than two years, will require straightening out, but Medicaid in some states allows such a transfer.

But the combining of funds, what a nightmare! You will have to go back five years, unless in California 2.5 years, and document mom's money was spent.
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needtowashhair Mar 2020
The child caregiver transfer exemption for the house is federal law. It's the same in every state.
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