My mother moved to Hawaii a few years ago, and is currently living in assisted living there. She was born in CA, and lived her until she was 67-years old, but she has not lived in CA since 1995. I recently moved back to CA, and want to move my mother here too, but she can't afford assisted living here. She has dementia, and I live in a small apartment big enough for one person. She is currently using her savings investments to pay for her assisted living, but when that money runs out I was hoping to apply for Medicaid or medi-cal, so that my mom can receive nursing care near me. She constantly begs me to move her back to CA, but I don't know where to start, or who to talk to. Does she have to live in this county for 6-months before we can apply? Can she get an evaluation exam by her doctor in Hawaii in order to apply in California? Please send me information as to who I can talk to, in person, in order to answer my questions. I do have full power of attorney.

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She has to establish an address in CA first and foremost, get a California ID, show bills with a California address. In the interim, she will pay out of pocket or she will be living with you. For new residents, consumers can enroll online. They can also call the Covered California Service Center
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