State of Florida, county of Columbia.

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If what you are referring to is FL section 1115 waiver for Medicaid then it will mean you as the consumer get a defined voucher for specific directed benefits based on your health history. You still have to qualify for Medicaid but the voucher coverage is limited. Personally I think 1115 works best for those with diseases - 2ndary polio, diabetes, aids, dialysis -that tend to have a very specific care plan with a readily available set of providers for those diseases that understand how the voucher works and how it pays for services.

Defined benefit programs usually have a contribution that you have to do. They usually have it so you have to keep track of costs paid as well. The voucher will have some sort of cost ceiling for whatever services are covered by the voucher.
So you as the consumer have to do a lot of tracking and documentation of coverage to make the 1115 work. Or you can use the voucher to buy specific managed care health insurance plan that works for Medicaid & your health needs, but you will be responsible to pay any services that are outside of the managed care plan. Defined benefit systems shift costs to the consumer as things not covered by the plan or the voucher is totally all on you to pay.

If your needing LTC due to dementia & aging, a defined benefit Medicaid is going to be too too limited IMHO to pay for the myriad of health needs & services & even residential costs that can come up with dementia care. your gong to be better off applying for and being eligible for old school Medicaid and traditional medicare.
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