Can anyone advise on appeal process for VA Aid + Attendance Benefits?

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My mom with psychotic disorder in AL was denied due to 18K tot income. She is on many drugs that she pays 20% copay after insurance. Can I appeal based on this? Should I consult an elder atty? I really dont know what to do.Her assets are about $80K total.

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I know I don't qualify and my income is lower, Va also pays meds CHAMPVA called meds by mail, chk VA SITE RE meds by Mail
contact regional office call 1-800-827-1000
I would appeal. In denial letter, was there reference to appeal process?. I would check VA website also about how to appeal. Also contact social worker at VA. We were denied initially and then recategorized so now have no copay.
Start where PostcardLynn said to start - check the denial letter as any decision the VA makes is appealable at some level.

We can tell you that the appeals process can be very, very lengthy. Regular VA disability claims can take many years to resolve. But the first step of the process is that the decision is reviewed within the Regional Office that made the decision. During that review, the Regional Office can make a different decision than one that was originally made.
You can also reach out to Veterans Care Coordination. They will help you for free: 855-380-4400
Why eas she denied, was it income or disability? Can she be alone, can she toilet and dress herself? If she needs fulltime care or daycare and her income doesnt meet her health needs she should be eligible. Do you care for her, if you have a caregivers contract, she should be eligible. Key is that her needs outweigh her income.
The VA cannot give you financial advice; It is pretty clear some was needed.
The Total Medical expenses must exceed Income.
Not enough facts to add more info.
VA decisions are made on an income to medical expenses ratio. It has to be more than half also believe it or not her income is way too high to qualify. You should call veterans care coordination company at 1-855-380-4400. Please tell them you need some advice as they are not non-profit. Ask to speak to someone in the in-take department. There are many things you can do in terms of trusts but your income is what it is.
For one person, I believe she exceeds VA income limits, in which case an appeal is useless. They are specific when it comes to those guidelines.
Her income is high for VA. I think you'll need an attorney to set up trusts. Youll also have a very long process given mental conditions. Expcept seveal letters of rejections. So you will also need to contacts you congressman..

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