Don't want a nasty used chair. One always has to b careful with used products due to bedbugs, animals, smoking etc. Mom has Pulmonary Fibrosis, both diabetic and both 84. Dad can barely get up. He had a chair but it broke. Mom has old recliner way too low for her. They only have limited amt of savings an S.S. checks. Thats it. An bills will take that savings in about 4-5 mnths. I don'tknow what to do when they get low and at what amt start Medicaid proceedings.

Lynn, are either of your parents Veterans?   If so, have you contacted their VA social worker(s)?  

Some Senior Centers have loan closets, but the equipment is used, so that's an issue to address.  

You might also raise the issue with your parent's specialty doctors, or a good geriatric doctor if you have one.   Their staff often know of other sources for equipment.
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Lynn, when my Dad was interested in getting a lift chair, I rented one from a medical supply house that sells/rent such chairs. That way Dad could test-drive the chair before purchasing it. I wouldn't have wanted Dad to buy such a chair if he couldn't figure out how to the controls :)
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if you’re concerned about a used chair being “nasty” you can have it professionally cleaned. The only other way you might be able to have one provided is to go through the process of applying to various agencies you can find on google to see if they’d qualify.
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Per Medicare .org

“How do I get Medicare to pay for a lift chair?
If you qualify for a lift chair, Medicare typically only covers the seat lifting mechanism part - not the entire chair itself. Depending on the state you live in, the reimbursement amount may be around $300, and you would have to pay the rest.”

They are costly. I would say go on Craig’s List or FB Marketplace for a used one but you have said that is not acceptable for you. But if you change your mind, make sure it is not cloth material but vinyl,etc that you can bleach down and get rid of any bacteria, etc.

Can you get your father’s chair fixed?
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