that i can put in my house for my four stairs on each landing for my mom to use when she comes and visits me that is portable? She doesn't live with me and it will only be used occasionally. I can't see me installing a chair lift when it will only be used when she comes out.

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How many landings do you have, and are these inside or outside? If outside, would a ramp be more appropriate? If inside, I'm assuming she would use the stairs to get to an upstairs bathroom. Is there any way you could move to a downstairs area anything she might need that would require using the stairs and traversing the landings?

Could you provide more information on where the landings are located?

In one of the DIY renovation programs, Mike Holmes brought his crew in to fix an electric chair lift that had been improperly and incompletely installed, and wasn't working. Holmes is a contractor who corrects other contractor's messes. It took some time for him to get the lift re-installed and working properly.

If you do get a lift, do research on the proposed installation contractor to make sure you get one who knows what he's doing.

Grab bars anchored into the studs would give your mother handholds on the landings.
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