An old man I was a cleaner for and has dementia., Getting worse over last 3 years. Woman and her husband who used to work for him over 30 years ago! Has come back into his life and got him to change his will. He was in no fit state to change will. And he told me repeatedly all his money was being left to charity that was years ago. I have phoned social work who keep telling me there is going to be an investigation This woman who he made power of attorney 3 months ago and changed his will 2 months ago is refusing to let me see him in hospital

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How do you know for certain that this woman "got him to change his will" and "changed his will 2 months ago". How much do you really know about his friendship with this woman?

As I understand it, you worked for him, and became friends. But he now has dementia, so if you want to continue to pursue this, you need to be confident your accusations are valid and not merely reflective of this gentleman's confused state.
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Spud wrote me...

" But yes I was privy to my old friends will as he showed it to me years ago. Was proud of himself for leaving his money to charity. Even although he has family who I have contacted in the past few weeks to let them know what is going on."

I think that if you have contacted family and the authorities you really can't do anything more.
Chances are that unless he is actively dying he will need to go into a nursing home after his hospitalization and all his assets will be needed for his care.
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You've initiated an investigation, I think that is as much as you can reasonably be expected to do.
You may have cleaned for this gentleman, but you were not really privy to his day to day life. He obviously still kept contact with this woman, and even though he has dementia he trusted her enough to name her POA. Is she a gold digger? Perhaps, but it could also be that his talk of leaving things to charity was just that, talk, without the paperwork to back it up. I had an uncle that used to talk a lot too, and what he said had absolutely nothing in common with what we eventually found in his properly executed Will.
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